Vincent Chicago - Andersonville neighborhood bar and bistro
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The Infatuation

"Vincent is the kind of cozy neighborhood bistro that can only exist in a few Chicago neighborhoods, and that's a real shame. Everyone should have a local favorite around the corner that's as friendly, delicious, and inviting. But they don't, because some neighborhoods can't have nice things, and some neighborhoods think life is one big Vogue photoshoot – we're looking at you River North restaurants. Andersonville, however, is the perfect breeding ground for Vincent."

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Chicago Tribune

" Vincent, a splendid Andersonville bar and bistro, doesn't do anything small — and the starters are no exception.

Stacked high in a sharing bowl with a large fork for spearing, the tempura shishito peppers ($8) are as addictive as French fries: battered and fried to steamy, crispy, green-golden perfection; piquant but not overly spicy."

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